Stansell's Putty Page

Welcome to my putty page! My normal tools page has tools written by myself and friends, and this page is for distributing my "enhanced" version of putty. I was really frustrated with the way putty behaved, so I hacked on the code. You can snarf a copy for yourself. Or just look at a context diff. Here's the list of changes:

  • No annoying "Connection closed by remote host" popup when you cleanly close a connection. It's now printed in the window.

  • Made the Enter key restart your session once the connection had been shut down (I didn't want to have to select "Restart Session" from the menu).

  • Added Window/Behaviour option "Maximize on startup" (I like my windows maximized).

  • Added Window/Behaviour option "Ctrl-Tab cycles windows" which allows you to cycle through all your putty windows by using Ctrl-Tab.

  • Changed "SCO" keyboard layout label to "Unix"...SCO sucks.

Bryan Stansell (